Glacier Media is harnessing new "influencer" marketing tools to help advertisers target promotional campaigns and reach new consumers.

Popular blogs and social media tools play a key role in ‘influencing’ how a product is perceived, and by whom. Consumer reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations are shared within online communities and can influence buying decisions. 

“Social content is a new channel to drive traffic and conversions for our client brands,” said Alvin Brouwer, President of Glacier Digital in Vancouver, Canada. "We are seeing a significant increase in demand for ‘influencer marketing’ campaigns that result in word-of-mouth awareness for our clients."

This "influencer" strategy is being delivered in partnership with Sidebuy, an online platform that intelligently connects brands with influencers to reach relevant and engaged audiences. The platform enables access to more than 10,000 influential content creators within North America as well as campaign management and monitoring dashboards. This equips Glacier clients with additional ROI and engagement metrics to measure the success of marketing campaigns.

"We will be able to boost client campaigns by matching them with the most relevant bloggers and social media influencers, who will create authentic and engaging content on their blog and via social media," added Brouwer. "We’re excited to see how our partnership will help deliver effective influencer marketing and social advertising for our client brands."

Mona Akhavi, CEO and Founder of Vancouver-based Sidebuy (, said: "Nowadays, the digital-savvy consumer actively seeks or, in other words, ‘pulls’ information from trusted sources such as peers or online review sites, instead of relying on brand-created content and ads. As a result, influencer marketing is increasingly becoming an essential channel for brands to bridge the gap between authentic content and paid media."

For more information, please contact Alvin Brouwer: abrouwer[at]glaciermedia[dot]ca.