Glacier Media, the parent company of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, is investing in Oxford County farmland adjacent to the show site.

Glacier acquired ninety acres of land directly north of the Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show site on Oxford County Road #34, in Woodstock, Ontario. For the last decade, thirty acres of this land has been used as one of the main parking lots during the show.

“This land purchase is an investment in Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, so that we can provide the best experience to show-goers,” said Jon Kennedy, Glacier’s President and CEO. “It gives us the security we need to continue to bring worldwide farming innovation to Oxford County.”

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show has been in Woodstock for over 20 years. In recent years, the City of Woodstock expansion has impacted parking on the east side of the show site. This purchase alleviates the concern that the land north of the site will become unavailable to the show.

It is estimated that each year, the annual three-day event contributes $1.3 million to the local economy through hotels, hospitality, inputs and landscaping to exhibits, and goods and services purchased for show set up. Farmers who attend the show represent $2.9 billion in purchasing power.

“This purchase will, without a doubt, improve our parking options for exhibitors and farmers attending the show,” said Doug Wagner, President of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. “Plus, our team looks forward exploring other opportunities for the property.”

As when the previous owners, the Butt family, owned the land, it will be maintained as a working farm throughout the year and used for parking for the three days of the show. Ruth Butt is a long-time supporter of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, and is pleased to have come to this arrangement.