As immigration continues to shape Canada’s demographic landscape, marketers are hard-pressed to develop effective multicultural marketing to recruit Canada’s increasingly important ethnic consumer.

In 2017, Canada’s sizable and burgeoning Chinese population will become a core target for many business organizations. And for good reason: Stats Canada forecasts that the Chinese population will grow by 80% over the next 15 years, representing unprecedented waves of new consumers holding discretionary dollars.

“Today, Glacier Media Group provides brands, retailers, and agencies with the ability to reach and engage Chinese consumers across Canada, the United States and China,” said Alvin Brouwer, President of Glacier’s Lower Mainland Publishing LP and Glacier Community Media Digital. “By focusing of the unique media consumption behaviours of Chinese ‘netizens,’ Glacier provides extremely targeted visibility for advertisers through four signature digital marketing services.”

The four services being offered are:

Chinese Programmatic Advertising
Research shows that Chinese web users retain their native media consumption behaviours when they emigrate to North America. Glacier’s Chinese Programmatic Advertising solution leverages Chinese behavioural data, and utilizes an unrivaled, 100% Chinese media inventory to reach and engage local Chinese consumers specifically interested in your products or services.

WeChat Social Media Marketing
WeChat is a massively popular Chinese social media platform, with a significant and growing user base in Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York and Toronto. Glacier can help business organizations obtain an official globally verified business account, and design a Chinese social media strategy to grow a local following for your sales team, organization, or brand.

Baidu Search Engine Marketing
Baidu is China’s number one search engine platform. Glacier can design and execute a Chinese-language search engine marketing campaign to recruit prospective customers who are in-market for specific services and products. This is nearly identical in function to Google AdWords.

Enterprise Solutions
For business organizations seeking to pre-emptively recruit Chinese consumers before they land in North America, or expand operations to the China market, Glacier offers marketing services and solutions to generate awareness and grow brand recall.

To learn more, please contact Kevin Liminsang, VP Client Services, at kliminsang[at]glaciermedia[dot]ca or (604) 619-2991.