Glacier Media’s Environmental Risk Information Service (ERIS) has launched a new online subscription package that delivers real-time data on properties throughout the United States and Canada.

ERIS DIRECT allows users to search for environmental risk information regarding individual addresses or company names, with the results provided immediately. Easy filtering tools allow you to drill down to the information you want to include in your choice of file output.

The tool is ideal for clients involved in site selection, property financing and underwriting, financial reporting, legal due diligence, M&A activity, divestitures and environmental audits.

“ERIS DIRECT is the new industry standard
 in collecting and reporting environmental data about properties in the US and Canada,” said ERIS President Carol Le Noury.

Subscriptions are available annually or on a short-term basis. For more details on the features of ERIS DIRECT, to contact the ERIS team or to schedule a demo, please visit: