Glacier's ERIS team has launched a new tool to assess the risks to property associated with vapor encroachment.

The tool is now available to U.S. customers to help identify a Vapor Encroachment Condition (VEC) as part of a Phase I Assessment (complying with ASTM E2600-15).

"Vapor encroachment can create significant liability for a property and have adverse effects on human health," said ERIS President Carol Le Noury. "The Vapor Screening Tool is efficiently integrated within ERIS Xplorer to enable analysis, interpretation and report creation all in one place."

For a brief tour of this latest innovation from ERIS, please review this video.
For more information or to order, contact a Regional Account Manager or contact ERIS directly by email info[at]erisinfo[dot]com, or phone 1-866-517-5204.