Eastward Media, a digital agency helping advertisers reach Chinese audiences worldwide, has rebranded to better present its range of Chinese digital media solutions.

A division of Glacier Digital Media, Eastward Media operates as a full-service media agency and white-label supplier for marketing organizations, advertising companies and digital consultancies. Through machine learning technologies from Baidu-Alibaba-Tencent, and leading research into Chinese consumer behaviour, Eastward Media helps advertisers solve critical reach issues in their digital and social campaigns.

“We help advertisers better understand and compete in China's tightly regulated media landscape,” Naomi Zhao, VP of Business Development at Eastward Media and formerly of OMD China.

“Many brands in Canada and the United States want to reach domestic and global Chinese consumer audiences, but lack access to media platforms and audience knowledge that are the key drivers for marketing success. We solve those problems for our clients, through our turn-key digital media solutions and campaigns."

Eastward Media offers the following media solutions for advertisers:

- Chinese Programmatic DSP

- WeChat & Weibo For Enterprise

- Chinese Video Streaming Platforms

- Baidu Search Engine Marketing

- China Campaigns & Consulting

- Creative Services & Copywriting

- Packaged Solutions for Destination Marketing Organizations

“Chinese consumer audiences demonstrate specific media habits that can make it difficult for Google and Facebook to reach the segment,” said Kevin Liminsang, VP of Client Services for Eastward Media. “Instead, by leveraging these native habits and identifying behavioural patterns, we can put our clients in front of in-market Chinese consumer audiences across a myriad of online and social channels.”

Headquartered in Vancouver, with offices in Toronto, Eastward Media works with all advertisers across North America. For more information about Eastward Media, or to receive a media kit for your agency, please visit