The Canadian oil and gas sector is experiencing troubled times with the global collapse of energy prices.

As provincial and municipal politicians in western Canada grapple with the impact on local and regional economies, Glacier's JWN Energy Group – the energy arm of the Glacier Resource Innovation Group – is stepping up to make its Daily Oil Bulletin energy intelligence platform available to those politicians. 

The Daily Oil Bulletin is a robust energy intelligence platform providing its subscription-based user community with a diverse range of energy data, news and analysis. It is used by leading energy companies, financial institutions, government ministries and other organizations to understand the rthymns and cycles of Canada's energy environment.

"We thought it important that politicians at the provincial and municipal levels should be exposed to some of the best energy insights available as they grapple with the challenges posed to their systems by the sector's challenges," noted RIG CEO Bill Whitelaw.

So far, the offer has been welcomed by politicians and each day more join as Daily Oil Bulletin "members" – including the entire counil of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, home to Canada's oilsands industry. 

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