Evaluate Energy – Glacier Media’s global oil, natural gas and renewables data and analysis business – has unveiled a suite of ESG solutions.

A focus on Environment, Social & Governance considerations is essential for energy companies worldwide. Meeting and exceeding ESG requirements is a prerequisite for new investors, for communities when granting a social license to operate, and for governments pursuing broader emissions reduction targets.

Evaluate Energy, and its ESG consulting partners, offer a range of core ESG services. These are detailed here:

“Our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions for companies seeking to measure and communicate ESG performance,” said Paul Harris, Chief Marketing Officer for Glacier Resource Innovation Group, the parent company of Evaluate Energy.

“It’s extraordinarily complicated to understand all the moving elements on the ESG landscape, especially if you’re trying to access global capital,” said Bill Whitelaw, CEO of Glacier Resource Innovation Group. “It’s doubly difficult to pay attention when your balance sheet is under tremendous pressure. We understand this an can help.”

To learn more and connect with the Evaluate Energy team, visit: