Cutting through clutter

We get it: you're inundated with advertising options, and you don't know where to start. You know you need to increase interest in your brand, but you also need your marketing spend to deliver a meaningful ROI.

It's true: Today's advertising options are so diverse, the variety of digital and print alternatives can seem endless. More than ever, you need exciting fresh ways to meaningfully impact your audience. We can help you cut through the clutter. While the medium is ever-changing, core principles remain intact: Build awareness and brand equity and that translates into sales. By advertising with our digital platforms, newspapers and magazines you'll receive unrivaled reach and crisp, elegant solutions that far exceed expectations.

Elegantly delivering ideal audiences

Heightened brand awareness, deeper engagement and direct connectivity to sales prospects – today's clients need us to deliver seamlessly on all three metrics, across all our media channels. Our audiences are heavy users of digital and print media who also regularly attend networking events. Using Glacier's network, we can access this audience in multiple ways – via a mobile device with e-mail or web-based campaigns, at the office with lean-forward desktop strategies, via print for a deep, lean-back experience, and in person at sponsored speaker events and trade shows. And for each audience channel, we have developed a marketing solution that is elegant and beautifully integrated within our editorial programming. 

Telling your story – exactly how you want it told

Sponsored content allows you to tell your story – exactly the way you'd like it told, to the people you'd most like to hear it. It is the kind of native content delivered with authority and integrity that your target audience will feel compelled to read and share.

Great sponsored content is far more than a simple description of your services. In print or online, it can tap into a specific problem and help resolve it – engaging the reader and reflecting positively upon your brand. Elegantly crafted, it allows you to align with a particular issue and respond with readers' needs always in mind. Appropriately labeled, it lives adjacent to regular editorial content. Some of the most effective sponsored content campaigns have driven enormous social engagement and reach.

Video, info-graphic, photo gallery, blog, news story, feature – these are all formats that we can deliver beautifully. We can help guide which formats will be most effective at engaging a specific audience. We'll work with your creative team throughout the process. And the results will delight.

Aligning your brand with great content

Clients often ask us: "How do we best align our services to a particular business sector?" They want to supply a specific service such as accounting, legal or finance, and need to be surrounded by contextual editorial content to ensure they are seen by the right people.

We've found that section sponsorship is an incredibly powerful solution. Every week our teams build specific content packages aimed at a specific audience. The content is highly relevant and editorially powerful, appearing in our best-known business and community media brands. Positioning your brand as a section sponsor alongside this editorial package ensures effective visibility throughout, plus visibility during promotional campaigns before, and after, publication. Your logo, advertising messages and sponsored content can all be integrated into the design of a section – giving you brand presence where you most need it.

Web pages that work harder for you

Well executed contextual display advertising is a highly effective brand awareness tool, and delivers enormous reach via Glacier's extensive network of digital properties.

We help make every page view work harder for you. Our experts can target a specific audience you are seeking to reach, and reference with editorial calendars to ensure you advertise within a relevant digital environment. Our websites are optimized to carry advertising that is highly specialized in nature – helping to ensure site users are more likely to remember and act on your advertising message.

Print remains potent and trusted

Print's remarkable power to convey information, deliver a compelling narrative and engage the reader remains as potent as ever today. Glacier's media network retains an extremely loyal print readership within B2B and community markets. Readers invest time consistently every week to consume our news content, read the advertising and respond. They trust our brands deeply – helping our clients gain valuable brand equity within our pages.

The unique experience of print ideally complements a digital campaign, offering clients a range of platforms to deliver a compelling message. So: Imagine viewing your ad on your phone, encountering it again on your office computer, and then digesting it fully in print – reinforcing your brand every step of the way.

Power to convene

Social media takes connectivity a long way – but nothing beats meeting in person. Our dedicated events team take trade shows and speaker events to a whole new level. Whether it's an enormous outdoor farm show, an executive round-table or a gala speaker dinner, we have tremendous experience in combining great programming with opportunities for sponsors to connect directly with our audiences and showcase your brands.


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