Empowering executives

Imagine walking blindfolded through a dense woodland containing multiple pathways, endless varieties of strange new plants and all manner of unusual wildlife. And then being asked to find a penny hidden somewhere in the undergrowth. You've got no resources and time is running out. Where on earth do you start looking?

Business managers find themselves, metaphorically speaking, in this kind of situation on a daily basis. They have a pressing business problem and need facts to compare performance, benchmark costs and analyze a particular market segment. They just don't know where to start looking.

Our suite of B2B data solutions offers that vital insight – aiding business decision-making and inspiring managers to make positive change. We provide access to crucial information across a range of business environments so that managers can recognize trends, assess the competition, understand a new market and respond more rapidly to opportunities.

News and context

Amid the daily flurry of company press releases, market fluctuations and political pronouncements, our clients ask this question: What does this all mean to my business? Answering that question is the primary focus of our editorial teams – delivering compelling content, plus context, to ensure clients get the information they need to move their business forward.

Confidence to invest for growth

Our data packages give clients confidence to make investment choices that foster growth. This is never more true than within the agricultural sector. Farms are high-tech workplaces where the wrong decision can ruin a year's hard work and put the business at risk. When to plant, when to spray, when to power specific equipment – farmers need accurate data to maximize investments they make in agricultural operations. We deliver market data and analysis on the latest pricing, economic and geopolitical changes. And while farmers can't control the weather, timely long-range and detailed forecasts offer essential support. Our extensive network of weather stations provide farmers with actionable data they use to maximize production.

Data that mitigates risk

More than virtually any other virtue, companies and their investors require assurance – assurance that a piece of land is environmentally sound, assurance that managers follow procedure, assurance that a product meets safety standards. Without it consumer confidence is lost, vital funding withdrawn and companies can ultimately fail.

Our data delivers this assurance to executives across a whole host of sectors. A great example is our focus on the viability of commercial land: we provide clients with data reports and historical records that pinpoint environmental risks on properties throughout the United States and Canada. This data-set includes environmental reports, aerial photos, fire insurance maps, topographic maps, city directory searches, lien searches and chain of title searches. Essential data for rigorous due diligence.

And when it comes to guidance on maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, we provide essential tools to comply with regulations and obtain guidance on key regulatory issues. This highly specialized data-set include applicability tables, practical score-sheets, guide notes, case studies, checklists and expert interpretive commentary to make regulations easy to understand and follow.

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Building your pipeline

Effective business development starts with a solid list of leads. We deliver thoroughly researched and updated business listings that are compiled into digital and print directories for dozens of industry sectors within North America. For businesses in British Columbia, we provide ranked lists containing full contact information and other essential data points, which we update across a wide range of industries and services.



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