Environmental Risk

Environmental Risk Information Services (ERIS) provides clients with due diligence intelligence in data reports and historical products that pinpoint environmental risks on properties throughout the United States, Canada and now Mexico.

Since 1999, ERIS Canada has been providing critical environmental risk due diligence data aggregated primarily from multiple government sources. In 2013, ERIS expanded into the United States and provides historical and current environmental risks data and historical products for properties in all 50 states according to the ASTM standard. As of December 2017, ERIS can provide environmental risk reports and historical products for Mexico, completing ERIS' full coverage of North America.

ERIS customers on both sides of the border include: environmental consultants, corporate clients, lenders, lawyers and insurance companies. Whether, buying, selling, remediating, refinancing or redeveloping property, the law requires an environmental site assessment and ERIS has the data and historical products and records required.