Glacier Media Group Announces Partnership with SocialShopper

Glacier Media Group Announces Partnership with SocialShopper

VANCOUVER, June 27, 2013Glacier Media Group.,(GVC:CA: TSX), Western Canada’s  largest local media company is pleased to announce their partnership with local social commerce company SocialShopper.

Glacier Media Group will be working with SocialShopper to build out its local e-commerce business. SocialShopper was founded in August 2010 by Ehsan Baloochy who will remain as CEO of SocialShopper. With an exceptional reputation for customer service, unique offers and expériences, SocialShopper is committed to connecting consumers with local businesses via local, social and mobile commerce.

“We are very proud to have SocialShopper as part of the Glacier family. We have specific ideas on how to differentiate this space and now with the size and caliber of SocialShopper’s customer base combined with our own we have a significant position to build on” said Alvin Brouwer, President, Glacier Media Digital and Lower Mainland Publishing.

"This partnership demonstrates our commitment to making SocialShopper a top player in the local social commerce industry. Our talented and passionate team have done a great job thus far and now partnering with Glacier Media Group will give SocialShopper the resources, scale and reach to take our business to the next level while providing even better offers, products and services for our customers and business partners. We see huge potential in the multi-billion dollar local commerce space and are excited to capitalize on this incredible opportunity," said Ehsan Baloochy, Founder and CEO of SocialShopper.

About Glacier Media Group

Glacier Media Inc. is an integrated information Media Company focused on the provision of primary and essential information and related services through print, electronic and online media. Glacier’s core businesses; trade, business and professional information markets as well as community media via newspapers, websites and related publications which are the primary source of information for the communities they serve. Glacier reaches millions of readers from British Columbia through to the western border of Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Rhode Island in the United States. The Trade Information Group publishes a variety of trade magazines, directories, newsletters, and specialty websites. This group is well diversified and comprises one of the largest sources of specific trade information in Canada. Publishing sectors include Agriculture, Automotive, Communications, Construction, Dental, Electronics, Energy (Oil & Gas), Environment, Commerce, Government & Education, Insurance, Laboratories, Manufacturing, Medical, Mining, Occupational Health & Safety, Plastics, Retail, Scott’s Directories, Trucking & Transportation and Telecommunications. The Business and Professional Information Group publishes a variety of directories, technical manuals, research and development materials, medical education, electronic databases, investment information and specialty websites. This group includes a unique collection of businesses that provide essential information to the legal, environmental, medical, pharmaceutical and publishing industries.

About SocialShopper

SocialShopper is a successful local social commerce company that connects local businesses and consumers via its website and social media channels by curating special offers and marketing campaigns across multiple categories including food & dining, fashion & arts, health & wellness, entertainment & travel and more. The company launched in beautiful Vancouver, BC in 2010 by Founder & CEO Ehsan Baloochy, who is an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in e-commerce and luxury fashion businesses.

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