Glacier Media Group Announces Enterprise-wide Augmented Reality Launch with Layar

Glacier Media Group Announces Enterprise-wide Augmented Reality Launch with Layar

First company worldwide to build augmented reality into its digital sales platform

VANCOUVER, Feb 7, 2013Glacier Media Group.,(GVC:CA: TSX), Western Canada’s  largest local media company is pleased to announce the enterprise wide launch of augmented reality throughout its Lower Mainland, British Columbia properties.

Glacier Media Group has teamed up with Layar to enhance the newspaper experience for its readers. Every edition will feature extensive use of augmented reality (AR) through editorial and advertisements.  This cutting edge technology used while reading the newspapers will allow Glacier to eliminate the gap between print and digital.

The technology is the innovative Layar application which can be downloaded on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Layar operates as image recognition software invisibly tagging images, logos and icons with codes to allow the augmented reality components to appear instantly on a readers phone or tablet while scanning the AR content. Rather than QR codes in print, Layar provides the ability to link to multiple assets; watch video/ listen to audio / share the content on social networks and even buy a product – right from the page.

"This will allow print to come to life," said Alvin Brouwer, president of Lower Mainland Publishing, a division of Glacier Media. "Our plan is to increase engagement between our newspapers and our readers, increase the time they spend with us, improve the utility of the product, and seamlessly integrate our customers' digital assets into our newspapers," said Brouwer, "It adds many different dimensions to a print advertising campaign or to the stories and photos that appear in our papers."

“Newsprint is very effective in creating desire, and the Layar technology provides us the opportunity to increase newsprint’s utility to our readers and advertisers enabling immediate action. This is a game changer, and we are proud to be the first to take this to market enterprise-wide.” said Shelly Wilson, Vice President Digital Sales, Glacier Media.

With over 28 million downloads worldwide, Layar is an exceptional complement to Glacier Media’s newspaper network. Layar's CEO Quintin Schevernels is delighted. "This partnership marks an important milestone for Interactive Print in the Canadian market. With Glacier Media we found a partner that is very dedicated to innovation and serving the needs of its readers and advertisers. We are confident that we will help Glacier Media to further empower its print products."

About Glacier Media

Glacier Media Inc. is an integrated information Media Company focused on the provision of primary and essential information and related services through print, electronic and online media. Glacier’s core businesses; trade, business and professional information markets as well as community media via newspapers, websites and related publications which are the primary source of information for the communities they serve. Glacier reaches millions of readers from British Columbia through to the western border of Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Rhode Island in the United States. The Trade Information Group publishes a variety of trade magazines, directories, newsletters, and specialty websites. This group is well diversified and comprises one of the largest sources of specific trade information in Canada. Publishing sectors include Agriculture, Automotive, Communications, Construction, Dental, Electronics, Energy (Oil & Gas), Environment, Commerce, Government & Education, Insurance, Laboratories, Manufacturing, Medical, Mining, Occupational Health & Safety, Plastics, Retail, Scott’s Directories, Trucking & Transportation and Telecommunications. The Business and Professional Information Group publishes a variety of directories, technical manuals, research and development materials, medical education, electronic databases, investment information and specialty websites. This group includes a unique collection of businesses that provide essential information to the legal, environmental, medical, pharmaceutical and publishing industries.

About Layar

Layar is an industry-leading company at the forefront of the rapidly emerging medium of augmented reality (AR). AR is a way of viewing digital information which has been superimposed – or augmented – onto a live view of the physical, real-world environment around you. Layar specializes in mobile augmented reality - the most popular medium through which the average person interacts with AR content.

To join the more than 28 million people who have downloaded Layar, visit

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